GHC doesn't build on kfreebsd-amd64

Petr made it. Great!

Porting from kfreebsd-i386

Reading an e-mail from the GHC mailing list I thought that it would be easier to port using the ghc6-6.10.4-1 from sid in a kfreebsd-i386 chroot.

Creating the chroot

So I installed debootstrap with aptitude and run:

# cd /srv/chroot
# mkdir kfreebsd-i386
# debootstrap --arch=kfreebsd-i386 --include=ghc6 --variant=minbase sid \

It worked fine. So I mounted /root (where the ghc tree will be) in /srv/chroot/kfreebsd-i386/root with nullfs:

# mount_nullfs /root /srv/chroot/kfreebsd-i386/root

Grabbing the source

So I changed my sources.list to contain the sid binaries and the source from experimental, so I can grab the latest ghc6:

deb sid main
deb-src experimental main

I tried to download the source from ghc6, but the dpkg-dev package is missing, to extract the source (dpkg-source -x).

# apt-get source ghc6

So I upgraded the system to sid, and installed dpkg-dev.

# dpkg-source -x ghc6_6.12.1-4.dsc

I'll apply both patches from Petr manually, since they don't apply correctly. I've not included the patch to support GHCi (yet).


Just noticed that ghc6-6.12.1-4 built on kfreebsd-i386, so I'll try to build from it instead.

# chroot /srv/chroot/kfreebsd-i386
# cat > /etc/apt/sources.list
deb sid main
deb experimental main
# apt-get update
# apt-get install aptitude install ghc6/experimental

Trying to build hello world:

# cat 'main = putStrLn "Hello world"' > hello.hs
# ghc --make hello.hs

It's giving an error of missing crt1.o. It seems to be a bug in ghc on kfreebsd-i386 of missing dependency on libc0.1-dev. I'll report it latter.

Creating the binaries

I also need to create the ghc binaries in kfreebsd-amd64. So I wrote /usr/bin/chroot-kfreebsd-i386:

chroot /srv/chroot/kfreebsd-i386/ $0 $@

And created the symlinks for all ghc6 binaries:

# for i in ghc ghc-pkg `chroot /srv/chroot/kfreebsd-i386 dpkg -L ghc6 | grep \
  ^/usr/bin`; do ln -s /usr/bin/chroot-kfreebsd-i386 $i; done


To build, I'll first install the build-deps.

I used a improved version of the script to install them:

# aptitude install `grep Build-Depends:\  debian/control | cut -d: -f2- | sed \

Old ideas

Porting from FreeBSD suggested me using the binaries of GHC 6.10.4 available to FreeBSD to build GHC, if they can be run at kfreebsd-amd64. I asked about this in and they said that this would be possible only if the GHC binary is static, or using a chroot. It's not static, so I'll have to use a chroot.

I haven't found any documentation about creating a FreeBSD chroot, but I've found a link about installing FreeBSD on a USB stick, which may have the information I need.

Following the installation on an USB stick

Mounting the cdrom

I started mounting the cdrom:

# cd /media
# mkdir cdrom
# mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom cdrom/

Notice that the second time I tried this, the last command gave me:

mount: /dev/cdrom: No such device

So I tried with:

# mount_cd9660 /dev/cdrom cdrom/

And it worked.

Going on

Then I created the dir where the chroot will be:

# mkdir -p /srv/chroot/freebsd/

So I started the installation:

# cd cdrom/7.2-RELEASE/base
# DESTDIR=/srv/chroot/freebsd ./

This exits with an error, but the installation works well enough.

To chroot to it, I need to pass /bin/sh as a parameter, since /bin/bash is not available in FreeBSD.

# chroot /srv/chroot/freebsd /bin/sh

Actually, it's better to use tcsh instead of sh, because it has more features, such as tab-completion.

So I'll copy GHC 6.10.4 binaries to the chroot and tried to run it:

# ./ghc/dist-stage2/build/ghc/ghc

Which gave me an error of missing

So I searched for it and found out that I should install package libiconv with:

# pkg_add -r libiconv

This gave me an error:

Error: FTP Unable to get
Syntax error, command unrecognized
pkg_add: unable to fetch
by URL

which I thought was DNS. So I added the DNS IP to /etc/resolv.conf, from NET, which I'm using:

# cat > /etc/resolv.conf

I got the same error, so I don't think this was the problem. So I searched for the error message and found that I should set FTP_PASSIVE_MDOE variable under a NAT.

So, finally, pkg_add worked.

So I tried to run ghc again, and it gave another error that was missing. So I did as I was supposed:

# pkg_add -r libgmp

But it still complained about libgmp. So I inspected what version of libgmp was installed:

# cd /
# find . -name libgmp\*

Notice that the . is needed, since this is not GNU find. The installed version was, which is not the needed one.

So I started studying a little bit more about FreeBSD packages, and I noticed that I should remove the libgmp package with:

# pkg_delete libgmp\*

So, as suggested, I set PACKAGESITE to the next version, and got the correct libgmp:

# setenv PACKAGESITE \
# find . -name

And the correct libgmp was there.

Running GHC

Still, when I run ghc, I got the problem:

# ghc-6.10.4-boot/ghc/dist-stage2/build/ghc/ghc --make hello.hs
ghc: missing -B<dir> option

I decided to try to install it instead of running from the directory it came:

# ./configure
/dev/null: ./configure:: not found
checking build system type... amd64-unknown-freebsd7.2
checking host system type... amd64-unknown-freebsd7.2
checking target system type... amd64-unknown-freebsd7.2
Unrecognised platform: amd64-unknown-freebsd7.2

Looking at, I notice that the right platform is x86_64-unknown-freebsd. I guess the first one showed is the platform of Debian/kFreeBSD, I'll check for it latter.

So I passed –build, –host and –target as parameters:

# ./configure --host=x86_64-unknown-freebsd --build=x86_64-unknown-freebsd --target=x86_64-unknown-freebsd

And I got an error of missing perl.


As I didn't want to get perl from freebsd8, I unset PACKAGESITE:

# unsetenv PACKAGESITE

And then got perl:

# pkg_add -r perl

Going back

After that ./configure worked. But make install gave me the errors:

# make install
"Makefile", line 2: Could not find Makefile-vars
Unknown modifier '$'
"Makefile", line 50: Need an operator
"Makefile", line 53: Need an operator
make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

I think this is happening because FreeBSD doesn't use GNU make. I'll install it:

# pkg_add -r gmake

But the same error was going, and there was no gmake in the PATH. So I searched for the pkg_info manpage and notice that -L list the files in a package:

# pkg_info -L gmake\*

And got that the binary is in /usr/local/bin. So I did:

# /usr/local/bin/gmake install


Make seems to be working, but I got a problem with swap_pager_getswapspace. So I searched for i in Google and found out that I should have more swap space. So I searched in Google about it and added more swap space.

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/usr/swap0 bs=1024k count=64

It gave me an error, since there's no /dev/zero. I'll do it on the Debian/kFreeBSD:

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/usr/swap0 bs=1024k count=64
# chmod 0600 /usr/swap0

As there was no /etc/rc.conf I just skipped this step.

# mdconfig -a -t vnode -f /usr/swap0 -u 0
# swapon /dev/md0

I got the same problem. So I tried to flush the swap, turning it off and on again, inside the chroot.

# swapoff -a

But it complain of no fstab. So I copied fstab:

# cp /etc/fstab /srv/chroot/etc
# swapoff -a

And it complained about no /dev/ad0s5. So I mounted mounted devfs:

# mount_devfs devfs /srv/chroot/freebsd/dev

Now it worked:

# swapoff -a
# swapon -a

But I got the same problems.

I tried also running make install from Debian/kFreeBSD, but it was not possible, since there're some FreeBSD binaries that are run in the process, namely utils/mkdirhier/mkdirhier.

I notice I'm out of free space on disk, so this may be the problem. I think I'll have to re-start the process, since there's no way to grow a qemu image. I'll try to make as much free space as I can first. Ok, I don't think I'll make enought space, so I'll reinstall it and redo the whole process.

New installation

I've created a kfreebsd image of 10G. Hope this will be enough. I'll put it in a lvm partition destinated to qemu images.

Porting from amd64 (Linux)

The current status is described in this bug report. Notice that, in the supplied patch, there's no need to change:

#define _GNU_SOURCE


#define _GNU_SOURCE 1

Following the manual

This is the mannual.

I've set the variable, and copied pwd with success:

$ export CFLAGS=-m64
$ cp /bin/pwd utils/ghc-pwd/ghc-pwd

sh boot

And I got a problem running:

$ sh boot

The problem was the autoreconf was not found. So I installed autoconf. At this point I remembered of installing ghc6 build-deps, excluding ghc6 itself:

$ aptitude install `grep Build-Depends:\  control | cut -d: -f2- | cut -d, -f1-3,5- | cut -d[ -f1 | sed 's/([^)]*)//g;s/|[^,]*,/,/g;s/,//g'`

So I tried running sh boot again, and it failed because it was missing aclocal. I installed it, and ran sh boot again and now it worked.

Studying about the problem

While reading a GHC wiki pages to check which is the correct values for –host, –build and –target in ./configure, I noticed that there was a broken link to, and corrected it.

Other archs with a build failure

kfreebsd-i386 and s390. These had a good build in ghc6 6.10.4, and an error only in 6.12.1.

kfreebsd-i386 was already solved by Petr. Great.


The error:

    Module `TcRnDriver' does not export `tcRnGetInfo'

The related line in utils/haddock/src/Haddock/Interface/AttachInstances.hs is:

import TcRnDriver (tcRnGetInfo)

This function is used only once, in:

-- | Like GHC's getInfo but doesn't cut things out depending on the
-- interative context, which we don't set sufficiently anyway.
getAllInfo :: GhcMonad m => Name -> m (Maybe (TyThing,Fixity,[Instance]))
getAllInfo name = withSession $ \hsc_env -> ioMsg $ tcRnGetInfo hsc_env name

The problem is that this function is only exported by compiler/typecheck/TcRnDriver if GHCI is available:

module TcRnDriver (
#ifdef GHCI
        tcRnStmt, tcRnExpr, tcRnType,

I reported this bug on Debian.

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